BWMeter 9.0.3 Crack With Torrent [Full Version] Win/MAC 2024

BWMeter Crack With Keygen Full  Download

BWMeter Crack is a flexible tool for network traffic management, giving you information about your connection and allowing to specify speed limits and restrict access to websites. It differentiates between local traffic and internet traffic, providing comprehensive statistics on LAN and internet usage. This tool is useful to both home users and businesses, allowing for simple monitoring and control of bandwidth utilization.

With the use of BWMeter Crack, you can track network traffic and set speed limits as well as block access to certain sites which makes this tool very useful for bandwidth management. Its user-friendly interface reveals neat graphs reflecting the current LAN and internet usage, while also offering detailed statistics over different periods. In addition, it acts as a firewall that does not allow illegitimate programs to use your internet connection without authorization.

BWMeter new version is a full-featured bandwidth management software featuring traffic monitoring, speed limit setting and website access control. Its simple interface ensures that it is easy to monitor and control network traffic, while its firewall capabilities provide additional security. Whether used for domestic or commercial purposes.

BWMeter Crack latest version offers the necessary tools to enable proper bandwidth management and guarantee efficient network performance. It is a great tool for bandwidth management that provides traffic analysis, speed limit setting and firewall protection. With its user friendly UI and detailed statistics, it is perfect for both home users as well as business owners who want to keep tabs on their network traffic.

BWMeter Crack Free Download 2024

BWMeter Crack Free Download is a powerful monitoring utility that allows you to track and manage all incoming and outgoing data thru your computer. It has a robust bandwidth meter, monitor, and traffic controller that gives information on data packets such as their source address destination protocols used.

This tool produces detailed statistics for all devices on your network, which includes LAN traffic and internet uploads/downloads. As a good bandwidth firewall and traffic controller, it provides insights into data packet details helping to distinguish between local and internet traffic. Its simple installation and easy-to-use interface make it a realistic option for tracking as well as controlling network bandwidth consumption.

BWMeter Crack License Key has a lightweight solution that does not take much space to store, which makes it available for users in India, Bangladesh and the United States. It is located in the system tray, providing quick access to its help manual and options panel. Moreover, it offers graphical network and internet speed changes as well as a built-in stopwatch tool to record uploads and download speeds over specified time frames.

Yet, the application interface may seem too crowded for some users because of numerous functions buttons and tabs. Moreover, the application may have to be closed occasionally due to interruptions in internet connectivity. Despite its shortcomings, BWMeter is a powerful tool for monitoring and analyzing network traffic in an efficient manner.

BWMeter 9.0.3 Crack With Torrent [Full Version]

BWMeter Crack License Key

Key Features:

  • BWMeter provides both graphical and numerical bandwidth display.
  • User-defined filters allow for accurate bandwidth measurement.
  • Monitor all network interfaces and adapters in a broad manner.
  • Monitor and show all the traffic across the network.
  • Use firewall mode for interactive or silent operation.
  • Implement traffic control, access management and speed limits.
  • Create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics easily.
  • View other computers statistics on the network.
  • Get alerts and notifications on network activity.
  • Recognize and manage malicious internet traffic such as hackers, viruses among others.
  • Statistical data on export and import for analysis.
  • Install and configure easily with default settings.
  • It also supports LAN, WLAN, VPN and ADSL as well as xDSL Modem Dial-Up.
  • Can be run as a Service on compatible Windows systems.
  • Offers user-friendly customization features.

What’s New?

  • Improved antivirus screen and new choices.
  • Different bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Capability to act as a Service.
  • Provides full freedom to the users.
  • Numerous customization options available.
  • Oversees all the system adapters and interfaces.
  • Firewall functionality consists of silent and interactive modes.
  • Traffic control, access management and speed limits are provided.
  • Gives daily, weekly, monthly and annual statistics.
  • Notifies and warns for network activity.


  • Reliable bandwidth management.
  • Free version without ads and fully working.
  • Adjustable filters for accurate measurement.
  • Efficient tracking and display of system traffic.
  • Traffic control, access management and rate capping.
  • Quick installation with predefined settings.
  • Data synthesis for networks and internet traffic.
  • LAN, WAN, VPN ADSL and Modem connections are supported.
  • Numerical data export/import.
  • Alerts for suspicious Internet traffic.
  • Compatible with Windows operating systems.


  • It may not have some features when compared to the original software.
  • This software may be unstable and unreliable.
  • It may not be compatible with other applications.
  • Do not have official support channels for problem-solving.
  • Sources are not reliable and trustworthy.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB

How To Install BWMeter Crack?

  1. First, download Crack version from the link.
  2. Then start the installation process
  3. After that, download the Crack file.
  4. Open it and also press to activate the Software
  5. Wait for the activation process
  6. Finally, all the configuration is complete.
  7. Enjoy!

BWMeter Crack serves as a powerful bandwidth management tool, providing an array of functionalities such as traffic analysis, speed limit setting and firewall protection. Its user interface is intuitive and features graphical as well as numerical displays of network traffic, thus ensuring efficient monitoring and control for both home users and business clients.

Although the software may be initially complex, its flexibility, customization features and versatility across network environments make it a useful instrument in improving network performance and security.

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